Crafty Casegoods from Decca Contract, 26 October 2010

Not to be outdone by the modular masterstroke of yesterday’s clutter-clearing and amazingly-adjustable Vicinity, Decca Contract’s GL Collection has similar aspirations to shape up the office. The notion certainly applies in the concrete sense of organizing, optimizing, and generally making things run smoothly, but also in the metaphorical meaning of imparting a bit of sculptural appeal. And who says that can’t be done with a contract offering that’s essentially rectilinear? Styled to “optimize efficiency in small spaces,” GL has the architectural panache of a great bridge—well, perhaps a scaled down Cubist bridge, but a bridge just the same.

Chalk this appeal up to GL’s structural concept. The centerpiece is a deep work surface that doubles as a sliding desktop. The 30” slab breaches the gap between parallel rows of cabinetry, thus establishing a nice aesthetic tie-in while creating a highly functional and collaborative workspace. The tabletop is flanked by voluminous storage units, so you quite literally have everything at your fingertips. And for those of you who are wishing mightily for the ostensible Utopia of a paperless world, GL might bring you back to reality: “the paperless society has not proven to be real, and paper management is a key premise of the design.”

Yes, in spite of the proliferation of Kindles and e-Books, we are still very much surrounded by reams and reams of paper. GL is taking no philosophical position with regards to the issue of the possible disappearance of print, only equipping you with the means to harness all that is the here and now. And if you need somewhere to store and manage these valuable company goods, GL will get it done and look good doing it. Have a look at some of the finish options for the GL line of handsome, pin-stripped casegoods from Decca Contract.

Article by Joseph Starr

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